Downlight LED square 24W


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24W square LED downlight – a modern luminaire suitable for surface mounting in ordinary or suspended ceilings, such as Termatex.


The modern look, in which the integrated, innovative and energy-saving LED light source is used, is a universal perfect for illuminating all rooms.

Attractive price and simple installation make it a popular product in our store.


Strong light for a long time

By using modern LED COB technology, it provides a strong and durable light beam.

The service life of the diodes reaches 100,000 hours.

24W square LED downlight has a light stream with a capacity of 1680 lumens, shines much stronger than a traditional 100W bulb.





Modern design

Simple and very aesthetic design makes square LED surface-mounted Ceiling fits anywhere.



Quality of light

Professionally selected diodes make the light emitted from our luminaires perfectly illuminate every place, a room with an eye-friendly shade of white color that does not strain your eyes and has a positive effect on our well-being.



Technical data:

Power/Zużycie energii: 24W

Voltage/Napięcie: 180-265VAC,50/60HZ

Color temperature/Temperatura barwowa: 4000-6000k

Beam angle/Kąt rozsyłu światła: 120˚

Vitality/Żywotność: 100 000h

Working temperature/Temperatura pracy: -20˚C~+40˚C

CRI: RA>70

The amount of lumens/Ilość lumenów: 1680lm

Size/Rozmiary: 300x300mm

Weight/Waga: 1kg